case studies

This First Aid Training Company with multiple locations accross the United is one of the biggest providers of First Aid and CPR training due to the sheer amount of people they train each year. The problem is, they had an Adwords campaign that they’ve had for years but was starting to bleed the company money. The worst part was, they weren’t even tracking results nor had they optimized it once since they built it in 2009.


case studies

This is the moment the First Aid Training Company contacted us for our expertise on reviving their massive Adwords Account filled with Several Campaigns and Hundreds of Ad Groups. Our first step was optimizing their keywords, bids, and re-writing thousands of ads within the account. Once we did that and installed conversion tracking we spent months monitoring and further adjusting bids, keywords, and tweaking targeting to get the Campaign running smoothly and profitably.


  • +98.7% sessions
  • +7% average session duration
  • +103.2% pageviews
  • +4.9% pages per session
  • -12% bounce rate
  • +178% growth in sales

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